• Medical Class 1 Approved Baby Pillow. CE Certification Class 1 Medical Device – European Authority Approved.
  • Anti-Pressure Baby Pillow. Provides 400% less pressure, protecting baby’s soft head from flattening on the back or side of the head.
  • Soft and Comfortable. Mimos baby pillow is made of 100% soft and flexible 3D spacer fabrics. Help your baby has a restful sleep.
  • Dry and Cooling. It provides dry sleeping environment without accumulation of moisture and heat, especially suitable for very young infants.
  • Anti-Allergen with Optimum Hygiene. The Mimos 3D baby pillow are anti-allergic, antistatic, devoid of 100 harmful substances and resistant to mites and fungi.
  • Oekotex 100 Class I. Certified safe for direct baby skin contact. Mimos 3D baby pillow is made of 100% Oekotex certified spacer fabric.
  • Easy Care. The pillow can be cleaned effortlessly and dries quickly.
  • Compact Size. Easily portable compared to bulky mattress type products. Therefore effective flat head prevention can be taken out from a baby cot and used on a nappy changing mat or used in a baby stroller for examples.
  • No Active Reposition Needed. The baby can freely sleep and move in the pillow without need to reposition the direction of the head.







Deformities in the baby’s head resulting from constant external pressure on the skull.


Most of these deformities appear during the baby’s first year, especially in the first 4 months.


The positioning of the baby’s head is one the main reasons for the appearance of these deformities.


“We recommended the use of MIMOS PILLOW based on its oberved, anecdotal and theoretical effectiveness. The viscoelesctic (memory-foam) material may seem best suited to be a material that adopts to the body as a function of pressure and heat but such material does not allow air circulation and could suffocate the baby and we consider dangerous. Some manufacturers have claimed to solve the problem by making holes on the foam, but we consider it not enough and there is no scientific evidence or safety test that guarantees that. Other pillows, filled with polyester fibers, cannot even withstand the weight of the head, and are deformed easily being totally useless. We have analysed a total of 15 pillows on market and only MIMOS PILLOW shows to us both effective and safe.”

Dr. Joseph Maria i Costa
Head of Neurosurgery of Saint Joan de Deu Hospital, Barcelona, Spain.

Dr. Joan Bosch i Hugas
Pediatric doctor at CAP Rambla de Saint Feliu de Llobregat, Spain.