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This model has been designed for PREMATURE babies with head circumference LESS THAN 37CM. The first few weeks of life, the bones at the back of the neck (cervical) are contracted due to delivery. This is normal and all babies will extend their cervical bones before 2 months of age. Meanwhile it is necessary to use a pillow that supports correctly the cervical area while reducing the pressure on the baby skull.

This model is indicated for purchase if your baby has been born PREMATURELY. You can use it until 3 months of adjusted age(FULL TERM). For better support, baby 1 months and older may use Mimos Pillow S.

Use this pillow if:

  • Your baby is just born and his head is perfectly round but you want to prevent the appearance of a flat spot.
  • Your baby is born with a flat spot to stop it growing bigger and help him recover his natural head shape. Usually babies are born with a flat spot due to being positioned head down on the uterus for long time before delivery thus the head grows during weeks molded to the uterus. Another reason is the use of forceps or sucking pad during delivery.

Mimos pillow is not designed to help you position your baby in any certain way. It works by allowing a natural non forced sleeping posture and relieving the pressure from the back of the head.

Just place your baby head on the center of the pillow cavity and allow him to sleep as he please as long as the head stays in the cavity. He will turn the head from side to side and that is a very good thing since he is reinforcing his neck muscles and by that reducing side preference. We believe this is a more sensible strategy than forcing the baby to stay on a certain position.


Pillow can be used with/without Mimos Cover. For easy maintenance and keep the cleanliness of pillow, we strongly recommend to use our specially made with breathable material to ensure the effectiveness of the pillow.

Recommended age use:

Recommended for PREMATURE baby with head circumference LESS THAN 37CM. .

Directions for use:

The infant’s head should be placed on the pillow cavity and facing up, NEVER place the baby facing the pillow. Mimos Pillow is designed to help reduce pressure under the baby’s head, babies that sleep on their backs is in accordance with the “Back to sleep” Campaign for SIDS prevention.


This pillow does not guarantee sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) prevention.


Anti-suffocation tri-dimensional polyester. All materials used are certified OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, Product Class 1, for direct contact with the baby’s skin. If your child suffers from a medical condition, consult your pediatrician before use.

How to wash:

  • Hand wash or machine wash with cold water.
  • Low speed spin. Do not tumble dry.
  • Do not bleach, recommend using mild detergent for baby clothing to wash Mimos Pillow.
  • Do not twist or use dryer.
  • Do not dry under the sun.
  • Hang to dry only.