Some times after careful re positioning, the misshapen head does not improve then a helmet or molding head band therapy may be needed. This special type of head band is called a DOC band (dynamic orthotic cranioplasty).

The head band presses gently on the prominent (misshapen) areas of the skull limiting growth in those areas. This method encourages the skull to grow in the flattened areas. The molding head band is also rounded on the outside to prevent the baby’s head from falling to one side rather than the other.

The head band is most effective if it is fitted early. Babies should be fitted by 6 months, at the latest by 11 months. This is because babies’ heads grow very quickly in the first 12 months of life. The head band helps the skull “grow back to normal”. After 12 months of age, the bones of the skull are harder and more difficult to mold.

The head band must be worn every day for 23 hours. The baby and the head band need to be checked regularly to ensure the head is growing well. The head band therapy usually takes four months of treatment for the skull to return to normal shape.