We are very excited to share with you the clinical trial result that has recently been published in the Health journal.This study has shown that the use of our Mimos pillow has significantly reduced the severity of the developmental Plagiocephaly. The latest Scientific Research Publication – Vol.5 No.6A2, June 2013

Clinical Trial Results at

We are currently running two randomised and blinded clinical trials (Level – I) in Spain and Sweden and we are expecting positive results to be confirmed before the end of this year (until then we cannot claim it will 100% improve the condition). However, Mimos has been available in international markets for more than 4 years and has been recommended by many paediatricians and doctors. We have had many reports of great results. Therefore we would probably position ourselves around Level-II or level III on evidence-based research guideline.

If you are an accredited paediatric doctor, midwife or pediatric nurse, please write to us and we will ship you a free sample and a Craniometer. Please Register with us if you wish to request a free sample and up to date information.