Mimos Pillow has been specially engineered to distribute pressure evenly across a wider area of the baby’s soft skull during sleep and rest periods. Its unique oval shape gently cradles baby’s head in the centre, and helps to encourage free rotation of the head and neck. Made of 100% 3D spacer fabric, Mimos Pillow provides balance support for pressure relief as well as regulation of heat and moisture. It is common for babies to have a preferred side for sleeping on, and this tendency can be difficult to change as the baby gets older. While Tummy Time and repositioning techniques can be beneficial in younger babies, they require a lot of attention and hard work.

Mimos pillow makes this task easy because all you have to do is place the baby on the pillow without worrying about the location of the deformity. As long as the head rests within the pillow cavity, the pressure on the head will be massively reduced as the weight is distributed over a larger area of the contact.